I know what you are thinking–“oh, no, not Twitter again.”  But yes, I believe that small businesses need to keep up with new technology and marketing to survive.  I confess that I had to be rather forcefully encouraged to join Twitter.   We are all busy enough with the numerous other tasks associated with running our own businesses without having to adapt to new technology.  The most common objections I hear is that Twitter seems like a waste of time, or that it might be too easy to get addicted to following the constant messages and leave no time for other work.  We all have read the news stories about how Twitter is about sharing every detail of people’s lives, and few of us care about what someone ate for lunch or what errand they are running.  I am here to share with you that while  it needs to be managed, Twitter is far more than a diversion.

How To Get Started on Twitter

There are numerous sites that explain how-to get started on Twitter, but I recommend a great starter guide over at Small Business TrendsJim Kukral explains “How and Why to Use Twitter for Small Businesses” and includes a ten-minute video which shows you exactly how to sign on and “tweet.”

After the Basic Twitter Lesson

This week, over at Twittips, Mark Hayward guest posts “20 Must Read Beginner Tips for Small Business Owners.”  Mark, like myself, Jim Kukral and  numerous small business owners, all initially dismissed Twitter as of being no value, but we all  quickly changed our minds.  Mark suggests there is a learning curve to get through before you find the marketing and social value.  I encourage you to read the entire post, it is filled with valuable tips and suggestions.

More Advanced Twitter Tips from Small Business Owners Like Us

You can find more (137!)  advanced suggestions from actual successful business users compiled by the folks over at  Small Business Trends.  You can learn about how best to manage and categorize the flow of information, and some of the ways Twitter has proven successful for their small businesses.

Please give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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