At the risk of losing the respect of many of my readers, I have to admit I’m a closet reality show junkie.

And not just any reality show.  Last night I was watching “Khloe and Lamar,” when I stopped paying my usual half attention and took notice of the story line.  Rob, , the lone Kardashian brother, was cleaning a phone seven times.  And then he was shutting off a light switch 7 times.   And as his stress progressed, we watched him driving around the block several times, certain he had struck an animal.  Classic OCD symptoms.  So far in his life, it hasn’t stopped him from functioning normally, but he could not stop thinking about the animal he had not hit.

As the mother of a child with OCD, I can attest to just how disabling this disorder can become.

Kudos to Rob Kardashian for being willing to expose his bout with this disorder on national TV (even if I am the only person who will admit to watching)

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