Feeling Guilty Over Causing My Child's Disability

Recently, I was reading this review of Toni Braxton’s new memoir, and the reviewer appeared shocked that Ms. Braxton attributed her son’s autism to God’s payback for a prior abortion. I don’t want to get into a discussion about God, and whether He would cause a child to suffer over a parent’s alleged mistake, but… Read More »

Do I Own a Business, or Do I Own a Job?

I’d like to draw your attention to the concepts of two authors: Robert Kiyosaki (the author of the famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad) in his book The Cash Flow Quadrant, and Michael Gerber in his book The E-Myth Revisited. In The Cash Flow Quadrant, Kiyosaki draws a chart with four quadrants, labeled E, S,… Read More »

Employee or Independent Contractor? You Don't Get to Choose.

My client, Marylou, has just started a small business.  In this case, we formed a corporation for her dry cleaning business.  Marylou is the new president of ABC Startup Dry Cleaning, Inc.  She barely has enough money to pay rent and buy equipment, but she can’t run a dry cleaning business by herself.  Marylou needs… Read More »

The Best Way to Buy a Small Business

Bob, one of my business clients, wants to own a coffee shop. He calls me and tells me he has found one for sale—and in the perfect location.  That coffee shop is owned by a corporation.  The corporation is really just the owner and his wife, but the corporation is the legal owner of the… Read More »

Would You Like to be Partners with your Partner's Spouse?

I have a business acquaintance named Fred, and Fred has a partner named Janet. They make a great team. Fred is a classic entrepreneur type, ready to go off in six directions at once as soon as an idea hits him. Janet keeps his feet on the ground. She’s great at systems, finances, and Fred… Read More »

There is a Special Place in Hell

Four employees of a Long Island group home have been fired and charged with endangerment for pitting two disabled individuals against each other, according to Newsday and News 12 Long Island. Cellphone video of the fight shows the four workers laughing. I think there is a special place in hell for those who are cruel… Read More »

Autism Speaks Celebrates 10 Amazing Individuals

Recently, Autism Speaks wrote about ten individuals with autism who excelled last year, as taken from their most popular posts. This performance by Christopher, a young boy on the autism spectrum does a great rendition of Lean on Me: and here is another, of 6-year old piano prodigy Jacob, in concert: Enjoy!

You're Never Too Old to be Young (Snow White)

So many of my clients dread the thought of a nursing home.  Staying at home though, can be very isolating.  One German nursing home designed this calendar for loved ones of the residents, and all had a great time with the project! You can find all the great pictures here!