Why do so many small businesses fail?  According to this blog post, one of the main problems is that entrepreneurs themselves are the least likely to understand what has gone wrong with their businesses. As Jay Goltz opines, if business owners understood why their business was failing, they’d be able to fix it. Some of… Read More »

Small Business Assistance Bill to Spur Hiring

According to the NY Times, new legislation aimed at providing loans and tax breaks to small businesses is almost certain to pass the Senate this week.  The House is also expected to approve the bill quickly, while President Obama has already given it his strong support. The new $30 billion lending program is designed to… Read More »

New York Religious Corporations Law

It makes sense for religious organizations such as churches, temples, synagogues and other religious nonprofits to form corporations. Incorporating enables the religious organization to enjoy the benefits of limited liability and other attributes of corporate entities. In New York, religious corporations are controlled by both the Religious Corporations Law (RCL) and the New York Not-for-Profit… Read More »

Long Island 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Formation

What is a nonprofit organization? Terms: Some confusion exists because of the different names for these organizations: Not-for-profit, non-profit, nonprofit.   These terms are used interchangeably in the charitable world. Are nonprofits the same as 501(c)(3) organization? While almost every 501(c)(3) organization is a nonprofit, not every nonprofit has 501(c)(3)status.  A nonprofit organization such as a… Read More »