Your home is often the largest and most important asset that you will ever own. Buying a home is the American dream, and selling your home, whether to trade up, or to downsize into the next phase of your life, is one of the most important financial and emotional decisions you will make.

It is important to trust your attorney to guide you through the process, whether buying or selling, and choosing one who will protect your interests. Attorney Ellen Victor will handle your matter personally and guide you through this patiently. Ellen is a homeowner herself and understands that this decision is as much of an emotional one as a financial one.

What does a New York real estate attorney do for you? Attorney Ellen Victor will personally:

  • Prepare the first draft of the sales contract when representing the seller, and explain the terms of the contract to you.
  • Represent you by negotiating any needed changes to the contract of sale.
  • Protect the down payment for your home and facilitate the transfer of funds.
  • Order and review the title report for your real property with you.
  • Help you understand your tax obligations, if any, including property transfer taxes, and capital gains.
  • Help buyers communicate with their lenders, assuring a smooth closing.
  • Sit with you at the closing, carefully explaining all the documents you are signing, including the new deed, transfer tax documents, and lender documents.
  • Be available to answer all your questions, throughout the process

Ellen Victor handles residential purchases and sales from Manhattan to Montauk, and all points in between Long Island and New York City.

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