Turned Down for Medicaid? We Know Where Your Money Went!

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably know a little something about Medicaid. That it’s a federal program but administered by the states. That it’s a hugely expensive and cumbersome system. Not for everyone, however! If you happen to be a Russian diplomat in New York, apparently you can milk the Medicaid system for… Read More »

Love Will Keep Us Together

A newlywed couple who had been forced to live in separate group homes have been offered an apartment in a group home so that they can finally live together, according to Newsday. It is always a good day when love triumphs over disability.

Mad Men Tackles Dementia

As an avid fan of Mad Men, and an elder law attorney, the way the show dealt with one of the character’s senility brought the show right into the present. Back in the ‘60s, so many women were stay at home mothers. When a parent, or an -in-law started needing more help, it was these… Read More »

Spousal Refusal In New York — Just Say No?

First, the good news: Despite another attempt by the New York governor to eliminate spousal refusal from this year’s budget for community-based care, the budget was passed by the legislature this week without this change. What Is Spousal Refusal, And Why Is It Important? Let’s say your dad is in a nursing home, but your… Read More »

Still Skeptical About Autism Vaccine Link?

A widespread perception that autism is caused by either childhood vaccines or by too many vaccines in one day has again been shown by scientists to have no link to incidents of autism spectrum disorder. According to NPR, the study by researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention measured antigens, the substance in… Read More »

Small Businesses Bouncing Back

New hires, expansion, growing demand, increasing sales. According to this article in the Boston Globe last week, all signs are pointing to renewed growth for small businesses. Sixty-five percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses, according to the Small Business Administration and have added almost 1.3 million jobs over the past year…. Read More »