Love Will Keep Us Together

A newlywed couple who had been forced to live in separate group homes have been offered an apartment in a group home so that they can finally live together, according to Newsday. It is always a good day when love triumphs over disability.

For Luckie: A Special Dog for our Special Needs

I must admit, I didn’t much like dogs. I was raised to be afraid of them, and I brought that fear into my adulthood. But 13 years ago, I had bigger issues. My wonderful, fun, beautiful, brilliant daughter was enmeshed in the throes of OCD—obsessive compulsive disorder. Fifth grade is a very difficult year socially… Read More »

Still Skeptical About Autism Vaccine Link?

A widespread perception that autism is caused by either childhood vaccines or by too many vaccines in one day has again been shown by scientists to have no link to incidents of autism spectrum disorder. According to NPR, the study by researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention measured antigens, the substance in… Read More »